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菲利普P. Perry Award Good Neighbor Award was conceived upon the passing of distinguished GKAR Member, 菲利普·P. 佩里在2004年的竞选. The Award honors the legacy of a Member who devoted his life to serving others. The Award is given to a current GKAR Member who embodies the spirit of service that was important to Mr. 佩里的一生. Nominate a fellow 房地产经纪人® today!

The deadline for nominations is September 1st, 2024.


2024菲利普P. 佩里奖获得者



里克Crepas, Jaqua, 房地产经纪人S®

Rick began working with animals at the age of 12. He joined the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue in 1991 and became its President two years later. Rick brought together animal rescue groups and investigated animal cruelty cases. He collaborated with WKFR to create a weekly radio spot for animal adoptions and later with Channel 3 TV to initiate a weekly TV spot for pet adoptions, which he hosted for ten years. 

In 1979, Rick became a certified Rescue Diver and a member of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department Dive Rescue and Recovery team. He has made three solo water rescues and worked on over thirty-five body recoveries. He also earned his Emergency Medical Technician license and Firefighter Certification in 1983, serving as an EMT for Mall City Ambulance and a rescue diver for offshore powerboat races for the American Power Boat Association. 另外, Rick worked as a firefighter and medic at racetracks in Southwest Michigan for Professional Track Services. 

In 1991, he became a Reserve Police Officer for the Village of Hopkins. After completing the Police Academy, he was sworn in and served as an officer for thirteen years. Rick earned his private pilot license in 2000 and joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), where he worked his way up to Lieutenant Colonel over 16 years. He participated in over 750 missions for missing aircraft and persons, 国土安全, 救灾, 药禁 , 以及人道主义任务. Two standout missions include working on aerial security for the 2006 NFL Super Bowl and being deployed for Super Storm Sandy relief, where he was appointed as second in command and received a Meritorious Service medal for his contributions to the operation's success. 

2014年11月, Rick saved a severely injured man trapped in a car accident by controlling his bleeding until medical help arrived. This incident inspired him to re-enter the fire service and help his community further. 从那时起, he has saved over 100 lives as a firefighter and medic for the Oshtemo Township Fire and Rescue Department (OFD). He even coordinated with senior citizens to make masks during the pandemic, providing over 1000 masks at no cost to the department. Despite a severe fire service related injury which required surgery and intense physical therapy, he continued to serve until retiring from OFD in 2023. 

Rick is a member of the Hooligans Flight Team, which performs military flyovers at various events to honor World War Two, 朝鲜文, 越战和伊拉克战争的老兵. The team personally covers the expense of veteran flights and participates in over forty events per season. Despite the significant time commitment and expense, Rick remains committed to honoring those who have served our nation and is grateful for his successful real estate career, which enables him to continue this important work.里克Crepas is a real estate professional who has dedicated his career to helping the elderly population. He has provided services such as updating and installing smoke detectors, 进行房屋维修, and even offering free toilet paper with doorstep delivery during the pandemic. 

In 2022, Rick became a commercial pilot for a company that ships expedited medical samples for Mayo Clinic. He flies at night to ensure the time-critical samples are delivered promptly. Due to the shortage of qualified pilots, he uses his talents to 帮助别人. During his time as a commercial pilot, he helped Air Traffic Control locate a missing aircraft and assisted a pilot experiencing a mechanical failure to land safely.

For almost 50 years, Rick has dedicated his life to serving his community. Rick is a person with a lifelong desire to help animals and people. He is motivated by the idea of making life better for his community and has served in various roles where he has put his life on the line to help strangers and finds it rewarding to be involved in situations where others are in need. Rick believes that if everyone does something to help, the world would be a much better place. He is a role model to his two stepsons and encourages them to get involved, 帮助别人, 并有所作为.






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